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BATHROOM WATERPROOFING  :  Bathrooms are most sensitive and quite prone to leaking walls and seepage. This is because of faulty layouts or untreated or uncured tiles. Bathroom waterproofing ensures that your bathroom walls along with the adjoining walls, ceiling, and floors are protected from fungus, seepage, and leakage.

Water is the most corroding element ever and if we are not careful it may create unwanted damage to your precious home. If you are getting your bathroom renovated or newly built, we advise you to undertake bathroom waterproofing from SS Waterproofing services to ensure that your bathroom along with your neighbors’ is protected from water damage.

We use a flexible, super polymer membrane that is painted atop your bathroom surface, making your bathroom completely safe to use, and totally damage resistant.

Toilet waterproofing is completed before tiles square measure ordered. In many cases, your toilet facility preserver or employee will embrace waterproofing in their quote. Waterproofing merchandise square measure usually sheets or a water-based largely, flexible, superior polymer membrane that's painted onto a surface.

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