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OVERHEAD TANK WATERPROOFING :  There is nothing more unhealthy than an overhead tank that stinks or has any sort of bacteria builds up in them. Overhead tank waterproofing ensures that the water does not seep into your homes at any given point of time.

SS Waterproofing Contractors undertake crystalline waterproofing system that is additionally fitted in your overhead tank to avoid any leakage. Every crack and crevice is properly treated to ensure that there is no water that can leak through the pipes or joints anywhere. Additionally, there is a lot of care taken to coat the pipes present in the overhead tanks with anti-rust elements and waterproof solutions to ensure no damage to them as well.

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As water tanks square measure typically of concrete, crystalline waterproofing system is additionally fitted to this application. The Cracks ought to be treated. The Joints between the horizontal and also the vertical surfaces of the tank shall be treated. Any Exposed metal rods shall be cut and treated. Any Pipe penetrations across the rostrum ought to be treated. All The cold joints square measure treated. The Crystalline coating is finished for the whole surface.T.

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